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We cannot imagine a world without computers in 2014! But hard to believe is that the the origin of

computers go as far as to 6oBC in the Aegean Sea, an analog computer has been found there, and scientists
are now trying to solve the puzzle. On the invention of the computer, many inventors contributed; it is a very
complex machine. The first programmable computer was invented in 1936 by Conrad Zuse and it was called
the 21. In 1981 IBM came out with the first PC and Microsoft with the MS-DOS. Many of us remember those
days. In 1983, APPLE came on the scene with the APPLE LISA, the first one with a GUI, and in 1984 with the
APPLE MACINTOSH computer. In 1985, Microsoft and Apple begin their friendly war.


Computers have made the world a small world. The standard of living has improved with it and almost every
country uses upgraded technology. Computers are an electronic device which can be programmed and that
can store your data, and retrieve it. Technical developments have changed society and in all daily fields, from
government, hospitals, education, agricuIture…there is not one area functioning without it, and the world
would be paralyzed if it suddenly stopped.


This technology items work with several electronic items which work together to achieve a task. It displays
data in a form easy to understand, and it stores this data in very a very small place called memory. The
advantage of computers is its speed, so it can work more rapidly and efficient than humans do, with the
result excellent efficiency and productivity. It does numerical work, inserts, deletes; files can be stored,
printed, or edited many times.


One of the most important things of this technology is the internet. The easiness in which we can connect
with each other, share documents, research topics, shop on line, listen to music. All things that can be
achieved with a computer connected to the web could not be named. In a simple explanation the internet are
many files connected to each other, one file can lead you to another. The good thing about it is that these
files contains lots of information like graphics, music, programs, games…Maybe now a days these is taken
forgranted, but in 1994, you wouldn’t imagine it.


Now, let’s see the World Wide Web, and Internet Explorer and Mozilla, for example, others like Opera,
Netscape or LYNX, do the same as these: they are web browsers, which permit you to see all those files that
are interlinked. You can compare them to TV buttons. You can research for the inimaginable, anything you
can think of.


Can you loose the data that you have in your computer? Yes, you can, due to software failure, viruses,
power failure or maybe hacking. For that, exist certain programs or software that will let you protect. To do a
backup of your files with CD’s or another safe storing device. Be careful with your passwords, of the
programs you use and what you write in your emails.

Computers and technology is a topic of never ending, but this is a quick going through until next time.

New Invention Developed with Computer

Mouse pad, gaming chair, gaming desk, keyboard, joystick, racing wheel, they are all invented after the computer became popular.

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Key Attributes to Look for in a Gaming Desk 2014-09-29

Key attributes to look for in a gaming desk to enjoy a hassle free and mind-blowing gaming experience.

best gaming pc desk

PC gaming a major form of entertainment for modern day teens, young adults or for anybody who has a passion for gaming. PC gaming is right at the top along with console based gaming and it is a major money spinner for all those companies which specialize in manufacturing top notch gaming peripherals and accessories. As far as modern day PC gaming is concerned, the kind of gaming desk that you choose plays an integral part in determining the overall gaming experience that you get to enjoy. So let’s drill down to some of the core and essential attributes that you need to identify when purchasing or upgrading your game equipment, read this L shaped desk reviews for computer gamers for more info.

Identifying Key Attributes

  1. Styling -The way in which the gaming desk has been designed or styled speaks volumes about its practical usability. Common desk styles include L-shaped or cart-like which have built-in shelves for holding different components of your gaming rig. Provided that you have enough space in your home, it would be a sensible choice to opt for the L-shaped desk as it offers sufficient space for housing both your workspace equipment such as a printer or a scanner along with your gaming equipment. If you lack space, then a more compact one with shelves would be a better choice.
  1. Adjustable features –Selecting a gaming desk with adjustable features like height or room for adding additional shelves is a blessing in disguise. Being able to adjust the its height would help you find the optimal height at which you will be able to maximize the productiveness of your gaming. Also, have the ability to expand the storage space of your desk would come to your aid in case you are looking add additional gaming equipment based on future needs.
  1. Durability –A desk with outstanding durability will easily last more than a decade even if you happen to be a hardcore gamer who plays for several hours a day. So try to inspect the durability of the desk thoroughly before you make your final purchase so that you don’t regret it later. Materials like steel, aluminum and glass tend to last longer than materials like wood or plastic. Hence, your final selection should give top priority to kind of materials that have gone into construction. The price tag should be the last thing on your mind and it should never influence your purchase decision.
  1. Mobility –Majority of modern day gaming desks are not sold in one single piece. Instead, they are sold as a package contacting several components which you need to assemble on your own or take the help of someone else to assemble it. So you need to consider the mobility as well at the time of purchasing it. You need to find out how quickly and easily you can assemble or dismantle the entire construction in case such a need arises. Also, opt for desks that have wheels at the base so that you can effortlessly move it from one place to another within your home.

The above mentioned attributes just offer a generic idea on what you should look out for when getting a gaming desk for your home or office. There might be other attributes which might be of significance to you, as they differ from one individual to another. So always go through your list of priorities before committing yourself to invest money in buying a gaming desk which you are likely to adore and love using for the rest of your life.

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